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Hourly Overtime

Know what overtime wages you should be getting!

Most employees, under federal and state law, are required to pay their employees overtime. For every hour an employee works overtime (typically any hour over forty in a work week), he should be getting time and a half or his normal hourly wage plus 50%. If a company makes $500,000 or more in annual sales, it is typically covered under the FLSA. Also, if a smaller company works in "interstate commerce" (conducting business between states) an employee is entitled to overtime pay. Even if a company is not covered by FLSA, it could be covered by a state's overtime laws. You can contact your state labor department for more information or contact a qualified overtime attorney who can explain to you the various laws and how they affect you.

How to Calculate Overtime

It is important to remember that most states distribute overtime pay, on a weekly basis, not a daily one. Overtime pay can be calculated by taking your regular hourly wage, then figuring out how many hours you worked over 40 in a given week, and multiplying these figures by 1.5. For example, 8.50 x 5 x 1.5 would be your calculation if you normally make $8.50 per hour but worked 45 hours one work week (5 hours of overtime). Once you determine your calculation, in this case the number was $63.75; you would deduce that you made $21.25 in overtime wages and that your overtime rate is $12.75 per hour.

Get help now!

Overtime pay should be paid at the same an employee is paid for regular hours during a work week. If you think that you deserve to be paid for overtime and that your employer is holding out on you, give our office a call today and let us assist you! With ten years of experience and many successful case outcomes, we are a source you can depend on. Get paid for the hard work that you do! Call now!

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